PC Magazine: “Stanza is the best e-book reader for the iPhone, and my favorite.”
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Stanza Desktop: A Revolution in Reading

Stanza Desktop is a small utility program to assist in converting your books from various formats into ePub, and to assist in transferring your books to Stanza iPhone/iPod Touch. Stanza Desktop currently supports reading books in a variety of unprotected formats (including HTML, plain text, Mobipocket), but note that books in protected formats (such as Kindle books, books protected with Adobe DRM, and protected Mobipocket books) cannot currently be read using Stanza Desktop. Stanza Desktop does not currently contain any library management features or the ability to download books directly from the internet. For library management and conversion-related features, you may be interested in looking at the free Calibre project at http://calibre-ebook.com, which also includes the ability to transfer books to Stanza iPhone.

Stanza Desktop is currently in beta for Windows and Macintosh. You can download it for Windows or Mac.

For a list of alternative methods of transferring your books to Stanza iPhone/iPod, please see the FAQ entry at http://www.lexcycle.com/faq/how_to_get_books_onto_stanza_iphone