Crashing on turning Night Theme off + support for non-Latinate languages

First of all, just a shout of thanks to the creators of Stanza. The iPod touch/iPhone version is a great app, intuitive and wonderfully customisable. The desktop version is slightly less amazing, but I guess most of the reason is because my eBooks are mostly in .txt .doc or .html format and therefore can't take advantage of the advanced features :P

That said, I've got a problem with each of the versions.

Missing Chapters desktop & ipod

Ok, i love stanza, have been using it for about a month. Today i noticed that the last 5 chapters of a .lit book i was reading on my ipod touch were missing and were replaced with the prologue. I then checked it in Stanza desktop, i could also not access the final chapters with my pc. The ebook works fine in other reading programs on my desktop. This appears to be the only book having this problem for me. Anyone have any similar issues or any way to fix this, i would really like to continue using stanza.

stanza desktop only opens one chapter of downloaded book. help!

I'm running stanza 1.0 on a mac, system 10.5.8. I've downloaded The Waves from Project Gutenberg Australia ( I can see that the whole book has been saved to my downloads file, but when I try to open the file in Stanza desktop, only chapter 26 opens. Do I have to import all the chapters individually? If yes, can I then combine then into one book on my iphone? Help please! Thanks

Epub chapters don't show up on iPhone but do on Mac version

Hi all,

I'm trying to get Calibre server to output to iPhone's Stanza reader so I've begun converting all my .lit files into .epubs so that Stanza iPhone can see them from the Calibre server. Now when i do this and download the epubs to the iphone (either via calibre server or via the stanza desktop app), no chapters show up in any of the epubs on the iphone. They do, however, show up and are accessible in the Stanza and Calibre desktop apps. Any idea what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance.

Stanza Desktop Conversions - The missing formats

Do you have an ETA of when you might include formatting like italics, bold etc in the Stanza desktop when converting from formats other than ePub?

I'm converting a lot of my .lit files and apart from a few giltches it's pretty smooth but it'd be great if it would also recognize some of these basic formatting items as well.



Uploading previously bought epub books into Stanza Desktop

I have some epub books which were previously downloaded from the net to load into a Sony Reader. Would like to load these books into Stanza Desktop and download into iPod Touch. On loading into Stanza Desktop, get the message " Pushback buffer overflow". Can anyone help, please?

ZipException opening pdf

Hi - I am trying to open a home-made pdf (125 pages) and receive the message unknown compression method

Are there restrictions on the pdf format (size, etc.) that could produce this message? I can open other files.

Thanks very much for any assistance.

Creating chapters 'manually' - what solution will come from you?

Some text documents I try to convert to e-books totally ignore my "Chapter 1" or similar expressions and uses other abbreviations from whithin the text and make them as chapters instead. Question: Is there any solution in your pipe-line we can expect in the next Stanza Desktop-version? The preferred settings-solution: Is there a possibility of making a check box in the Stanza Desktop settings with a textfield to fill with an optional forced expression to look for when automatically analyzing and creating chapters?

Sync bookmarks from iPhone to Stanza Desktop

Pretty much as the title says - I haven't figured out if its possible to sync bookmarks from books on the iPhone app to the Desktop app, but this would be very convenient. Currently in a situation where I'll have my computer for about a week but not my phone and while I can go ahead and redownload the books and find the pages, it would be very fast to just have a one button sync. Hope this makes it in the next version.


Integration between Stanza Desktop and iDevices

Right now, I want badly to cast off my dreams of owning an Amazon Kindle and read on the device I already own: the iPhone. However, every solution is compromised by a lack of tight integration—the Kindle 2 included.

I, for one, want to read everywhere: on the iPhone, on the Macbook, on my friend's computer, on the web-enabled toaster. I do not want to search for (or recreate) my bookmarks, notes, and typographical corrections on every device I'm using at the time, nor do I want to be locked in to one single device.

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