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Getting epub files from mac onto iphone 3Gs

I have tried the recommended gmail option - which says it can't translate the data.
I have tried the box.net option but it says it can't read the catalogue.
I have tried uploading the files to my phone and I can't seem to find a way of opening them in Stanza.

I have four .epub files on my Mac and I want to be able to read them on my iphone - but I can't find a way of getting them on which works.
Any ideas??


How to make files epub? :(

I need help turning all my downloaded books into epub I dont get it :( I dont know how to get them on my ipod touch help!!!!

Can no longer download epub files from my web site with new Stanza app

Once I upgraded to the newest version of Stanza on my iPod Touch, I could no longer download epub files from my web space (added via Shared sources on the Stanza app). I got 406 errors every time. This even happened on books I was formerly able to import with older versions of Stanza. I have an iPod Touch 1g.

Issue with <ul> or <ol> followed by <p> and then heading

I have been using Stanza for iPhone and I recently decided to use Calibre for converting HTML files to ePub. I noticed that when I have something like:

[li]something here[/li]
[p]some paragraph[/p]

the margin between [p] and [h3] is removed for no aparent reason (in the Stanza App for iPhone only),
see here:
the source code for this is:

Retaining ePub formatting for Stanza-iPhone

I have been bypassing Stanza Desktop and using Calibre to send books to my iPhone 3GS.
Formatting, such as bold/italic/underline, links, and chapters all work great, and seem to transfer over without problem (based on the CSS in the ePub).

I'm curious though about typefaces-is the iPhone Stanza just ignoring the typeface callouts and replacing them with the nearest serif or non-serif typeface on the iPhone? It seems as though Georgia is the default, although I may have set that myself a long time ago.

Wrong image is displayed for cover and thumbnail (ePub)

Most ePubs I have created display the correct cover image in Stanza Desktop (Mac) and on the iPhone. However there are 2 books that always display the wrong image in Stanza Desktop, and the same wrong image as the thumbnail and initial cover image in Stanza on the iPhone. (On the iPhone, a few seconds after opening the book, the cover page loads and the correct image appears. Stanza Desktop always displays the wrong image).

These books display the correct cover image in Adobe Digital Editions (Mac) and on a Sony PRS-505 Reader.

Access to epub files with images from project Gutenberg on ipod ?


first of all, congratulation for the Stanza app for iphone : i've just found it out and it looks like very interesting, especially since it provides access to non-english Project Gutenberg books.

One question regarding the features: I want to read the following book from the project Gutenberg (http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/25097). It is available in epub both without and with the images. When downloaded on the ipod (with OS 3.0), it looks like only the imageless version is stored. Is there a way to force the download of the image-embedded version of the epub book ?

Uploading previously bought epub books into Stanza Desktop

I have some epub books which were previously downloaded from the net to load into a Sony Reader. Would like to load these books into Stanza Desktop and download into iPod Touch. On loading into Stanza Desktop, get the message "java.io.IOException: Pushback buffer overflow". Can anyone help, please?

Do we have DRM protected Adobe ebook support yet?

Does Stanza support abobe ebook with drm protection yet? Or not?
I was just about to buy a book in adobe ebook format after google searching and finding loads of news articles saying adobe ebooks were supported by Stanza:
You seem to have been publicizing this support in February.

unreadable ePub


I built an ePub of my own, but when I try to open the book in Stanza Destkop, it is unreadable.
It seems Stanza doesn't recognize my ePub as such. It reads other ePub files quite well, that's how I know the problem comes from my files, but the fact is, there's no DRM and the ePub is valid. is anyone aware of an error like this that passes epubcheck ? I've been checking my code for the last 6 hours now... and still no clue..
thanks in advance for the help !

this is what it looks like :

by inconnu

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