PC Magazine: “Stanza is the best e-book reader for the iPhone, and my favorite.”
21 Cool iPhone Apps - Stanza


Latest Stanza update force ipod touch to reboot and hangs

Today 4 of June was update of Stanza for iPod. I updated the application and then tried to start it. It tried to start and then force iPod to reboot. iPod long time showed only apple logo. Is this problem only with my iPod and Stanza installation? May be somebody know how to fix it? Forced reboot (pressing Home and On/Off switch for more then 10 second does not help).


Need a iPad version

We need the Lexcycle team to modify the reader for the iPad. The current one for the iPhone works but would be much better if fonts were changed for the large Size of the iPad

How can I update Stanza?

After downloading I cannot complete the update - message "The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have permission to access some of the items."

Using Version 1.0.0 - beta build #1:396 - "Beta Version - expires Mar 13, 2009"

Operating System
Mac OS X i386 10.6
Java Version
Apple Inc. 1.6.0_15
SWT Version
62MB total, 50MB free, 508MB max

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