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I bought a book from Sourcebook. It opens okay on my computer. When I tried to copy it to my iPhone using Stanza, it asked for a password. Making a wild guess. I put the wrong password in and I can't get past Stanza telling me that the password was wrong.

Can't load anything onto my iPhone - help!

Hi all,

I'm quite new to this so apologies if this message has been posted on here a million times by different people (although I did search the forum to get an answer first - couldn't find anything to help me). I am in the UK and tried buying two books from Fictionwise and BooksOnBoard via the Stanza app on my iPhone. However, it said they didn't have the rights to be purchased in the UK. So, I ended up purchasing them through the UK WHSmith ebook shop in PDF format.

What about the ADEPT DRM support for epub?


some time ago i read that adept drm support will come soon to the stanza iphone app.

I think its some month ago know and i wanted to know if you are still working on it and if yes when the release might be expected.

Thank you in advance

Do we have DRM protected Adobe ebook support yet?

Does Stanza support abobe ebook with drm protection yet? Or not?
I was just about to buy a book in adobe ebook format after google searching and finding loads of news articles saying adobe ebooks were supported by Stanza:
You seem to have been publicizing this support in February.

Adobe digital edition pdf with locked DRM

Is it possible to read into Stanza an Adobe digtal edition pdf with a locked DRM.

When attempting to read such a file I get request for password, which I give as my adobe digital password, but it does not seem to function.

I am using the lastest Stanza desktop on both windows XP and Mac (Leopard).

Lexcycle Announces Support for Adobe eBooks in Stanza Reader

NEW YORK, Feb. 11, 2009 — Lexcycle, the company behind the award-winning Stanza electronic book reader for the iPhone and iPod Touch, announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Adobe(R) to license PDF and EPUB rendering technologies as well as support for Adobe’s eBook content protection technology. The integrated technology will allow Stanza users to enjoy eBooks sold or loaned by any retailer or library, who distribute eBooks protected with Adobe Content Server 4.

Purchasing Kindle books from Amazon

There are a couple of Kindle books on Amazon that I'd like to purchase, however I'd hate to pay for something and then not be able to read it on Stanza on my iPod Touch. As I looked for answers here, I found a page about supported formats. There was a statement just above the chart of formats that said, "Please look carefully at the right-most column "DRM Support". If the entry in that column is "No" for a particular format, we support that format only when there is no DRM-protection."

Problems with Password Protected PDF EBOOKS

I recently purchased a technical book from APRESS, which comes as a password protected PDF file. I want to load it into Stanza Desktop, then sync to my iPod Touch. I've read every relevant message I can find on this forum, but I just can't get it to work correctly. The sync is no problem. But the formatting is wrong in varying ways. I've tried using Calibre to convert the file to an EPUB. But Calibre complains, saying it won't handle DRM-protected files.

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