Importing DJVU files is very slow on Ipad

Importing djvu files takes ages on the Ipad version (a single djvu file takes around 5-10 minutes). Files take way more space than they do on the PC hard drive.

Gmail Email import not working

Ok, I got gmail added to my book sources. I emailed myself an epub book. When I touch gmail though, it gives me a "catalog error - Error reading catalog data. Please try again later." However it never even tried signing into gmail or anything. Am I doing something wrong? Is this another feature that has been disabled? What is going on?

stanza desktop only opens one chapter of downloaded book. help!

I'm running stanza 1.0 on a mac, system 10.5.8. I've downloaded The Waves from Project Gutenberg Australia ( I can see that the whole book has been saved to my downloads file, but when I try to open the file in Stanza desktop, only chapter 26 opens. Do I have to import all the chapters individually? If yes, can I then combine then into one book on my iphone? Help please! Thanks

Failed import form Stanza Desktop

Dear Stanza Forum
Please help. I have made a couple of eBooks in ePub format using InDesign CS3. They both open perfectly well in Adobe Digital Editions and Stanza Desktop. But when I try to import them onto my iPhone I get "Failed to download and import 'Title': Unable to translate 'Title' for import. One of these books I actually had imported previously with success on the previous iPhone version of Stanza. Other eBooks seem to be loading fine.
iMac, Intel, Leopard (latest updates), iPhone OS 3.0, Stanza version 1.9 on the phone and 1.0.0 Beta 17 build #1:403 on the Mac

manually assigning chapters

i've imported a pdf file into stanza which turned in to a long text with not distinction between the different chapters. i'd like to be able to manually organize it somehow and break it in to chapters. is there a way to insert some sort of "chapter break" in the text?

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