The New York Times: Stanza: “The iPhone or iPod Touch can act as an electronic book reader.”
Tip of the Week: Turn Your iPhone Into an e-Book


whats the deal with ereader?

suddenly I cannot download any of my books at ereader I payed $$$ for and when trying to contact support I am being forwarded to stanza/fictionwise and they even have a link to the ereader bookshelf, but the link does only produce some error message. The support did not anwer yet, they have an awkward webform to submit questions, so who knows if they ever will receive them.

does anyone know what happened?

eReader format support or not for iphone?

The Lexcycle FAQ about Fictionwise has two apparently conflicting answers about support for the eReader format:

Can I read other titles in Fictionwise's eReader format on Stanza?
Yes. Stanza supports all titles in the eReader format...
How can I get my books in the eReader format from my desktop to my iPhone?
Stanza Desktop does not yet support displaying books in the eReader format...

Trouble editing eReader account info (including password) in the Stanza iPhone app

I am attempting to use the new "eReader bookshelf" feature on the iPhone version of Stanza. When I entered the "eReader bookshelf" area of Stanza, I entered my eReader account information (username, password) and turned on the "Remember password" option, since I thought I had entered the right info. Unfortunately, I realized only after doing so that I had changed my eReader password a few months ago.

Loading eReader book through Stanza Desktop = gibberish

I just tried to load an eReader book I made myself into Stanza through the latest version of Stanza desktop. It turned into gibberish. What gives?

Accessing eReader Personal Content through Stanza?

How can I access eReader personal content that I have uploaded through Stanza? It doesn't seem to show in the mobile bookshelf page.

When I go to the non-mobile site to try to use its bookshelf, which has the PC link, I get redirected back to the mobile version. Makes 40,000 eBooks Available for Purchase to Read on iPhone via Stanza

Chatham, NJ – December 3, 2009 – Fictionwise, Inc., the largest independent eBook retailer in North America, and Lexcycle, Inc., the creators of the award-winning electronic book reader Stanza, today announced that over 40,000 eBooks from are now available for purchase and download via Stanza, the most popular eBook application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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