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download errors

using recent OS Mac 10.6.2, on desktop. Can't open anything

Once I downloaded Stanza destop app and launched it, the first screen I see says "use file-> Open to see books"
Pull down "file" and click on "Open". Next see the finder window where I am to navigate to downloaded books. Don't know what to click in the finder to get to the next screen.

How do I get past this screen to a place where I can shop for or download books.

Thank You

error downloanding any book from Project Gutenberg

I have Stanza 1.9 for iPod Touch (8gb with 1.1gb free space) running OS 3.0. When I first started using Stanza a few weeks ago, I had no problems downloading from Project Gutenberg; now, however, no book (all free) will download and I receive this error:

"Import Failed: Failed to download and import '[name of book]': Error: 404"

I have no problem downloading free texts from other free catalogs (e.g., Feedbooks, Random House Free Library, Harlequin 60th, Now a Major Motion Picture!)

I have no other problems with this iPod Touch (it is less than one month old and is not jailbroken).

Fictionwise will not let me download a purchased book

I have loaded Stanza on my iPhone. Went to the Fictionwise library, created an account, and made a purchase (Getting Things Done by D. Allen). I received a confirmation and receipt for my purchase via email. I then tried to download the book into Stanza iPhone, but receive an error message: "Catalog Error. Error reading catalog data. Please try again later." I followed that suggestion and have 'tried again later' many times, all with the same result.

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