HELP! How do I get books from my desktop to my iphone- FAQ doesn't help!

I have a MAC-- OS X version 10.5.8. and I'm trying to get my ebooks from my desktop to my iphone- 3GS. I enabled sharing on the stanza application. Clicked the allow button and also verified that both my mac and iphone were on the same wireless network. Most of the FAQ troubleshooting has to do with Windows and I can't go through the steps. Does anyone know what might be the problem? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!!!

Ebooks dont show up on Stanza iPhone (via USB)

Hello there,

as I have now invested really much time and cant help myself, I know to ask for help here on the forums:

I use an iPhone 3G 16 GB with Stanza 1.91.

I have a few PDF's on my Desktop and I wanted to transfer them to my iphone, as I have no wireless, I tried it via the USB and iPhone Browser method. I created a Stanza Folder and I converted my PDF's do epub and whatever... When I move them to the folder they are there, but they dont show up on the iPhone once i open Stanze.

Can anybody plz help me, because its really annoying when it doesnt work the way it should!!

Two Million Users and 12 Million Book Downloads Later, Stanza Turns 1

Seattle, WA--Lexcycle today announced that more than 2 million users have downloaded Stanza, the popular electronic book reader application for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch, since it was launched one year ago. Stanza’s award-winning reading experience, which features customizable formatting, searching, library management and over-the-air book downloads on demand, has led to more than 12 million book downloads.

Random House Publishing Group Makes Free Titles Available on Lexcycle's Stanza Reader

New York, NY - December 8, 2008 -- The Random House Publishing Group and Lexcycle, Inc., jointly announced today that Random House and Ballantine will be the first major book publishers to make full-length books available for free on iPhone through Lexcycle Stanza, the most popular electronic book reader for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

Fictionwise.com Makes 40,000 eBooks Available for Purchase to Read on iPhone via Stanza

Chatham, NJ – December 3, 2009 – Fictionwise, Inc., the largest independent eBook retailer in North America, and Lexcycle, Inc., the creators of the award-winning electronic book reader Stanza, today announced that over 40,000 eBooks from Fictionwise.com are now available for purchase and download via Stanza, the most popular eBook application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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