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Where can I find good Kindle info?

I have searched the net and can't find and good places for Kindle info. I tried http://doesthekindle.com but is it the most reliable information?

fictionwise and kindle

I searched around and haven't found any topics on this... Like many received a Kindle for Christmas. Prior to this I use and still use, my Itouch Stanza App for books. I have installed Stanza Desktop and then I downloaded a book from Stanza Fictionwise, but it says "Stanza Desktop cannot read this eReader book. How can I share this book with my Kindle, too. Please say I can... I purchased it, I can unlock the code if needed. One FAQ says to open it up in the desktop and export it as a kindle and then USB it to my kindle. No, that don't work... Anyone have a work around.

Authors don't appear on the Kindle!

Hi all!

When trying to export a book on .azw the book appears fine on the Kindle device, but only the title, not the author. I've tried changing the invormation on the eBook prior to exporting it to Amazon's format but it doesn't work. Any ideas?

Authors Not Set in Kindle files

I've been converting .lit, .pdf, and other files for use on my Kindle. And Stanza does a great job at converting the titles and text. However, author information—while set in Stanza—never seems to actually get displayed on the Kindle. It is just blank.

This makes finding books in, say, a series, a lot more difficult.


I have Stanza and Kindle on my iPod Touch and much prefer Stanza. You can read books on either with a similar look, but Stanza is much more robust in terms of tools: highlighting passages, dictionary, etc. Stanza also provides a nice selection of book vendors, and free is always good. Kindle may have more books, but the last two, relatively recent titles which I wanted and was prepared to pay for, weren't available on Kindle. It all argues for a universal ebook format accessible on any reader. I would hate to see the world of books cut up and locked up by individual vendors.

Converted .pdf not showing up in Kindle

I followed the directions for exporting the .pdf into the kindle. When I disconnected the kindle from the computer, I couldn't find the documents I had put on the Kindle. So I decided to try again. When I tried to export the .pdf again, I got a message that said that the file already existed on the Kindle, did I want to replace it?

It's already there...but seems to not be showing up in the menus on the kindle. The only thing that is showing up on my first generation Kindle is the User's guide. I've tried "Show All" "Show Most Recent" and Refresh list of items.

mobipocket ipod touch stanza

Hi, might be a unusual situation.

Have ipod touch 3.0. Have downloaded Stanza via itunes and Stanza Desktop, no problem.

But cannot find anyone in the Stanza library list that has the book I want, Trafalgar 200 Through the Lens. It is on mobipocket


Have loaded the book preview from Mobipocket to my mac, it is a .prc file. But when I try to open it from Stanza Desktop, it says cannot be opened as locked.

Can't open eBook in Kindle after export from Stanza desktop

After downloading eBooks purchased on lexcycle.com to my desktop, I followed the FAQ instructions to export it to Kindle using the Stanza desktop app. I saved it to the Kindle connected to USB, in the "documents" folder.

I appears in the Kindle, but when I try to open it I get "The selected item could not be opened. Please use your computer to visit Amazon.com and clin on "ManageYourKindle" on the "Your Account" page for help in solving this problem.

Of course the amazon page has no help on this issue.

Syllable breaks visible in Kindle

In the process of converting PDFs to the Kindle format, I have created a problem. I convert the PDFs to HTML and use Stanza to convert the HTML to .azw files. It looks fine on the Stanza desktop, but the text on the Kindle contains visible syllable breaks. So, the sentence "the Roman centurions slowly advanced" looks something like "the Ro-man cen-tur-i-ons slow-ly ad-vanced." The text is properly formatted otherwise.

Any ideas?

Purchasing Kindle books from Amazon

There are a couple of Kindle books on Amazon that I'd like to purchase, however I'd hate to pay for something and then not be able to read it on Stanza on my iPod Touch. As I looked for answers here, I found a page about supported formats. There was a statement just above the chart of formats that said, "Please look carefully at the right-most column "DRM Support". If the entry in that column is "No" for a particular format, we support that format only when there is no DRM-protection."

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