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Welcome to Lexcycle Stanza!

Getting Started

When you first launch Stanza, your personal Stanza library appears. You can start adding books to your library by downloading freely-available content from the “Online Catalog”. Browse the Online Catalog, select a book, and Stanza will automatically download that book and import it into to your library.

While reading a book, tap the right side of the screen to turn to the next page. Tap the left side of the screen to turn to the previous page. You can also swipe horizontally across the screen to change pages.

Navigating and Adjusting the Display

You can change a few important settings at any time while you are reading. To access these settings, tap the center of the screen. Toolbars will appear at the top and bottom of the screen. Tapping the center of the screen again hides the toolbars.

The triangle button on the top toolbar returns you to the last place you were browsing for books to read. The gear icon allows you to edit the title and author of the book, add or remove the book from custom collections, or delete the book altogether.

The open book icon on the bottom toolbar provides a list of chapters in the current book. Use the slider below to move to any page in the current chapter. You can search for text in the current chapter by tapping the magnifying glass on the right. Finally, the F+ and F- icons adjust the font size.

Whenever your reading is interrupted by taking a phone call or exiting the application, Stanza remembers the book you had open and will re-open that book the next time you launch Stanza. Additionally, for each book in your library, Stanza remembers your last place in the book, and will restore your place in the book the next time it is opened. You can always get to your most recently accessed books through the “Latest Reads” collection in the top-level Stanza library.

Customizing Your Reading Environment

You can adjust many settings — including the font, display colors, margins, spacing, and navigation controls — using the standard “Settings” application from the main iPhone/iPod Touch screen. After tapping the Settings icon, scroll down until you see the Stanza icon. Select this icon to view the various setting options.

The “Fonts and Colors” menu allows you to change the font, the font size, and the colors of the display. (Don’t forget that you can always change font size while you are reading using the F+ and F- buttons in the lower book controls toolbar as well.) The colors menus allow you to change the text color and the background color. Black text on a light background recreates the look of a traditional book, but some people find that light text on a black background results in less eye fatigue.

The “Display” menu has switches and sliders to change a variety of display features. If you want to maximize the amount of the screen devoted to your book, turn off “Show Phone Status”, and turn on “Auto-Hide Toolbars”. From the “Text Formatting” menu, you can change the way text is presented on the screen by adjusting the inter-line spacing, margin width, and justification.

Control the way you navigate through a book with the “Controls and Effects”. By default, tapping the right side of the screen moves forward one page and tapping the left side moves back one page. This menu allows you to change these responses and to adjust the page-turning effects and duration. (Don’t forget that you can always swipe to move from page to page while you are reading.) Additionally, you can enable “Lock Book Rotation”, which prevents Stanza from re-orienting the display when the device is rotated while reading.

Getting Books from Your Desktop or Laptop onto Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

You can transfer books from your personal computer to Stanza by following the instructions at

After launching Stanza Desktop, open one or more books in any of Stanza's supported formats. Then enable book sharing by selecting the “Tools” menu, and ensuring that the “Enable Sharing” menu item is checked. Once you have done that, ensure that your iPhone is connected to the same wireless network that your PC is on, then launch Stanza iPhone. From the top-level Stanza library, select “Shared Books”. You should see your computer name in the menu that appears. When you tap your computer name, Stanza Desktop will notify you that your iPhone is attempting to connect to your shared library, and request your permission to allow the connection. Once you have granted permission, Stanza iPhone will display a list of books, one for each window currently open in Stanza Desktop. Selecting a book will download it into your Stanza iPhone library for later reading.

Further Information

Please visit for user forums, frequently asked questions, and support.