Desktop losing format when downloading mobipocket.

I am not sure if I did this correctly.

I downloaded a book in mobipocket (multiformat book not DMR) from fictionwise onto my computer then I went from Stanza desktop to read it. It has no format no pictures or anything. Just one long document.

I loaded the same book onto the iphone from fictionwise and did not lose the format or the cover page picture.

What is the right procedure to get books onto the desktop?

Thank you. I did not know it

Thank you. I did not know it did that.

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Stanza Desktop strips out all

Stanza Desktop strips out all images and pictures when converting from another format. Stanza iPhone preserves images if they are in an ePub or eReader format book.

If the books is DRM-free and is available in multiple formats, and you want to be able to see the images while reading on your computer, I recommend thatyou download the eReader format of the book and read it with the free eReader application, available here:

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