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Fictionwise will not let me download a purchased book

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I have loaded Stanza on my iPhone. Went to the Fictionwise library, created an account, and made a purchase (Getting Things Done by D. Allen). I received a confirmation and receipt for my purchase via email. I then tried to download the book into Stanza iPhone, but receive an error message: "Catalog Error. Error reading catalog data. Please try again later." I followed that suggestion and have 'tried again later' many times, all with the same result.
Thinking maybe it was an issue with the iPhone, I went to and logged in from my desktop. I can see the purchase, and the download button, but when I attempt that download I get an error message that says there is no valid credit card to generate an unlock code. Obviously, that stinks, since I have registered a card, purchased with it and am able to see it in my account settings.
I have used the feedback form at Fictionwise 3 times, and have sent 2 emails, hoping is a real address.
I have been trying to get this book for TWO DAYS, and I think it goes without saying I'm not "Getting Things Done".
Any ideas???

What format is your book

What format is your book in?

Fictionwise told me that I could not download mobipocket on to Stanza Iphone. I was told only eReader format will work on the iPhone through Stanza.

I want to figure out how to get pobipocket or Microsoft reader formats on to the Stanza on my iphone.

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Stanza iPhone supports both

Stanza iPhone supports both eReader and non-DRM ePub formats.

Books in Mobipocket or Microsoft Lit format with digital rights management (DRM) protection can only be read with, respectively, the Mobipocket software or the Microsoft Reader software. DRM is how publishers protect their books from being distributed or copied without their permission.

Of the different format books Fictionwise offers, only eReader is supported by Stanza. If you want to purchase books from Fictionwise to read with Stanza, they need to be in the eReader format. If you search on, you'll be able to see only eReader books. eReader books are also available from other retailers, as well, including BooksOnBoard and Powells.

You can download books in non-DRM ePub format to Stanza iPhone, as well. Our Online Catalog includes links to numerous catalogs offering books in ePub format (many of them totally free), including Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg, Munseys, and All Romance eBooks, among others.

Finally, if you have books without DRM in almost any other format, you can convert them to ePub and then transfer them to Stanza iPhone, using one of the methods described here for ePub books:


Thank you for your help. I have had eReader on my iPhone for quite some time, have tried to download the book there. That app doesn't see the book as available either.

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Thanks for looking into that

Thanks for looking into that since that confirms that there is something wrong that Fictionwise will need to resolve for you. Please let me know if you don't hear back soon from Fictionwise.

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This is definitely a problem

This is definitely a problem that only Fictionwise can help you with, since they are the ones who manage locking and credit cards. I have your email address, so I will send them an email with your information to see if I can speed things up for you.

One thing you should try while you wait for Fictionwise to respond is to download eReader, another free ebook reader, from the App Store, and try to unlock your book from there. This should not work if you weren't able to download the book from the web, but it's something Fictionwise might as you to do.

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