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share with iphone/pc ( vista x64)

heya folks, I stepped yesterday over this nice app but having some troubles to configure it.

ive read the faq about troubleshooting and it seems that ive everything right configured......but have still a few questions

sharing in stanza desktop is enabled
bonjour is also installed, even if stanza desktop reminds me to install it, when I'm installing it. after this, when i start the stanza desktop there is no remind to install bonjour - so I think its ok ( already tryied reinstall both appz)

if i go then in stanza iphone to shared books, there is no pc to select to download from it ?

does this all just work ONLY with WLAN ? because the iphone is just connected via usb to my pc, i dont have wlan :) its all wired.


have WiFi, sharing enabled, but stanza on iphone can't find pc

Hi there,

after looking through all of the FAQ's, and trying everything I can think of, my stanza atill can't see my PC - despite the fact that the iphone is connected to the wireless network.

bonjour is installed as i use it for other apps.

Can anyone tell me why it just never finds anything and keeps searching for shared books?



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There are number of reasons

There are number of reasons why this can happen:

1. Your router is blocking traffic for one of the following: Multicast DNS, MDNS, Bonjour, Rendezvous, Zeroconf. (These are all just different names for Bonjour.) Log into your router and look for settings related to these services.

2. Your phone and computer are on the same network but they are talking to two different wifi access points or routers, e.g., you're connected to a school or work network where your phone is talking to one router in your building and your computer is talking to another router in the building.

3. You need a fresh install of Bonjour. I know that you already have Bonjour, but it very frequently seems to help with Vista. Make sure to do it in this order: 1) uninstall Stanza, 2) reinstall Bonjour, and 3) reinstall Stanza.

Can I link directly to pjct gutenberg to download w PC version

I would like to download books directly to PC from gutenberg via Stanza, like Stanza does from iphone is that possible?

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We don't have an Online

We don't have an Online Catalog for Stanza Desktop yet. You can, however, enter the URL of the book you want to download by selecting File->Open Location

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Sharing only works with wifi

Sharing only works with wifi because Apple does not let third-party applications use the wired connection.

You have two options for transferring books that do not involve having a wifi network. The first requires that you have a wifi card in your computer, which is not unlikely given that you have a newer computer. Here are the instructions:


If you do that, I recommend getting a fresh install of Bonjour for Windows, even if you already have it.

You can also upload books to the internet, then download them to your phone, following the instructions for bookworm.threepress.org, described here:


at this time apple doesnt

at this time apple doesnt allow use of the USB connnector for this kind of thing, and sharing with a windows computer doesnt currently work, however there is a way around this, go to the botten of the forums page one, look for the one titled "skydrive alternative for pc users" it explains a way to get your books from a pc to iphone/touch.

actually there are several

actually there are several ways around the problem but this is the method that i use.

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