Stanza Desktop does not work with books purchase from

Installed Stanza Desktop and then downloaded a book from Stanza Fictionwise, but it says "Stanza Desktop cannot read this eReader book. However, you can share this book with Stanza iPhone/iPod Touch from Stanza Desktop."

The email notification I received regarding my purchase said "You can also download your books to your desktop computer to read using other eReader client software by visiting and clicking the "Bookshelf" link."

I can use the free eReader from to read the Fictionwise book.

Does Stanza Desktop not work as a stand alone reader? What does it do?

I can't be the only one that thinks this is silly

If the books are purchased from a location called the stanza store on fictionwise and there is an application called stanza for iphone that can read these books, what sense does it make that the application called Stanza desktop cannot read the same book? One would thing that a computer based program could have more features than it's sibling for a phone, not less. It is silly that you have to use two separate programs (stanza for iphone and ereader) to read the same ebook. If the iphone program could be made to read the format why can't the pc/mac version read the same format? Stanza is the best ebook reader for the iphone that I've found, but it's extremely frustrating that it's missing the one basic aspect that all the inferior iphone apps have in allowing reading the same book in multiple locations (computer, iphone, ebook reader, etc...).


Thank you.

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If you want to directly

If you want to directly download a book that you purchased in Stanza iPhone, it's simple and doesn't require a download to your pc. In Stanza iPhone, go to Online Catalog->Fictionwise Book Store->My Bookshelf. Enter the email address and password you used to purchase the book. Tap on the book you want to download and tap Download. You will have to enter your name and credit card number to unlock the book the first time you do this, then you are ready to read.

You can't read Fictionwise books with Stanza Desktop because those files have DRM protection. That's why we say to use the free eReader application for reading Fictionwise books on your computer. It's available here:

You can also use Stanza Desktop to wireless transfer books from your computer to Stanza iPhone. This is especially useful for Word docs and text-heavy PDFs, which are not very readable on the iPhone. Here are instructions for doing that:

Finally, you can use Stanza Desktop to read things on your computer that you would normally read in Word, your browser, a pdf viewer, or a text editor. If you have a Mac, you'll see a lot of different reading layout options in Stanza Desktop.



Okay, but how do you share a

Okay, but how do you share a book purchased on your iPhone with Stanza desktop on a Windows PC?

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The books you can purchase

The books you can purchase from Fictionwise in Stanza iPhone are in DRM eReader format, which means that they can't be displayed in Stanza Desktop. The only desktop software that can read DRM eReader format books is the aptly-named eReader software, which you can download for free here:

You can't. The desktop app

You can't. The desktop app can't read anything with DRM.

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