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Please please make Stanza available for the Ipad or somehow integrate it with Ibooks.


File Sharing is enabled for Stanza in iTunes Apps. I'm not sure where the files go when they're added, but it isn't the Stanza Library. I was hoping...

Can't wait for a full ipad app with all the potential power enabled. I'm not sure why anyone would want this integrated with iBooks, Kindle maybe. But, I'd want to see the versatility and openness to continue and features to grow.

I have one and it does work on it

I have an ipad and was abe to load it. It's a tad fuzzy, but still very readable!

Doubt if Amazon will let this happen

I'm betting that there won't be a Stanza for iPad.

Lexcycle is now owned by Amazon, purveyor of the Kindle and Kindle App. I suspect Amazon won't allow Stanza to migrate to the iPad and compete with the Kindle there, given that Stanza has the ability to read any ePub book (which could have been purchased *gasp!* from Amazon's competitors).

Look at this whole web site - it doesn't appear to have been updated ever since Amazon bought out Lexcycle.

I'm more interested in some potential competitors to Amazon such as the Barnes and Noble-owned eReader or the Kobo app. Or, of course, iBooks (though initially it won't be available in my country).

I would, of course, be glad to be proved wrong and have Lexcycle respond to this by saying that they are working on a killer iPad version of Stanza.

it will work per say unless

it will work per say unless it gets blocked, but unless its optimised its gonna look like garbage. Which will distract from reading enjoyment

What makes you think it will

What makes you think it will not work on the iPad. As I understood it iPhone apps should 'just work' on the iPad. I guess we will know in a a few weeks after the first iPads are in consumers hands.

Now optimized for the iPad is probably a different story.

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