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New iPad

Just saw the keynote on the iPad. They claim that all current iPhone apps will work on the iPad. So I would assume that Stanza would be no different, which is great because this is my number one used app. Does Stanza have plans to modify stanza for an iPad only version with more rich features?


Probably Amazon said no.

Probably Amazon said no.

Don't tell me Apple bullied you into this too?

What reason could you possibly have for not wanting to make an iPad version?

The hope has to be that they

The hope has to be that they will fold the best features of Stanza into Kindle, including its brilliant catalog searching of Gutenberg, etc.

If not, then I say we call the Justice Department!

Short-sighted decision

Compared to Amazon's Kindle for iPhone, Stanza is streets ahead. It seems pretty narrow-minded not to develop an optimised version of Stanza for the iPad. Please reconsider.

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This is very sad news. I

This is very sad news. I can't say I'm surprised though. I knew the Amazon deal wasn't going to be a good thing. Just look at MobiPocket. I want Lexcycle/Amazon to prove me wrong. Please prove me wrong! However, with no iPad development it doesn't seem very likely that they will. At least iBooks can read DRM-free ePub.

On a side note, Lexcycle you took way too long to answer this question. On another side note, I still love Stanza and I appreciate all of the hours of joy your app brings to me. Thank you!

no Ipad edition??

I'm sad to see that no work is being done for a iPad update. Geuse I will see what the IBook Store reader looks like and have to switch to it when the iPad comes out, since I will be doing more of my reading on it, instead of my iPod. Seems like everytime I get a new toy I end up having to get a new reader.

Why not? Why wouldn't you be

Why not? Why wouldn't you be working to customize Stanza for the iPad, specifically? This is going to be BIG. As long as Apple allows other readers to be on the iPad. That is the other BIG question, especially since Stanza is owned by Amazon.com. I truly hope that you all start to work on an iPad version of Stanza. It is a wonderful ebook reader. I have five ebook readers on my iPod Touch, but I have not read more than 10 pages on any other reader. Stanza would be missing a big opportunity to not take Full advantage of the iPad and its upcoming success.

iPad optimized version of Stanza under development?

Is development underway for the upcoming iPad for Stanza to properly take advantage of the larger screen at 1024 x 768? I understand with the new 3.2 SDK it is relatively trivial to reprogram existing applications for that, particularly if only resizing and not adding the new modal GUI elements. This is my favorite application and since I am buying an iPad from day one on April 3rd it would be nice to think that an updated version of Stanza will be available for installation upon unboxing. Otherwise we will be forced to use the 2X button and it will result in jaggies and fuzzy text, etc. I am concerned that your acquisition by Amazon will result in your stopping future further development of this fine product. I had emailed you once before asking about this and never received an answer. Please let us know.

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Re: New iPad

Currently, there is no work being done to customize Stanza for the iPad specifically.

Seems like everytime I get a

Seems like everytime I get a new toy I end up having to get a new reader.



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Have you costed this?

The changes should be trivial, unless you've made the decision based on management competitive reasons.


Seems like all you would have

Seems like all you would have to do is halve the font size and adjust your margin/spacing settings to read on a 2x size screen.

answer please

I originaly posted on 1/28/10 as of yet The Stanza community has not received an answer from the Stanza support staff. Could we please get one?????


while the app should work on the i-pad, apparently some of the aps dont look to hot as they are formated for the i-pod/i-phone. I would hope that since the sdk has been updated already that the stanza reader would be updated for the i-pad. tho from what i have seen the i-book reader doesnt seem to bad but nothing has been said about how books imported from other sources will look on it

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