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Stanza on iPad


Can Lexcycle (Amazon) comment on whether Stanza is or will be functional on the iPad? Today's announcement was very short on details about the sorts of books that the iPad supports. Frankly, if I don't have access to Stanza's repositories, then I won't be buying an iPad.

Hopefully Apple continues to

Hopefully Apple continues to let third-party ebook apps on their hardware. They already don't allow third-party apps that they think duplicate built-in stuff too much, so there is a non-zero chance that when their own ebook store goes live they shut down all the other ebook apps. Unfortunately Lexcycle/Amazon have zero control over whether this happens.

Apple has refused in the past

Apple has refused in the past to allow compeating software on there IPhone and ITouch. They could still allow Stanza on the older devices and block it from the IPad.

As far as still needing Stanza. without a full write up on IBook's formats and how books are moved around, I'd say yes

iBook store only available in the U.S.

As of right now, I think we should be safe. Apple's page on the iPad shows an asterisk next to the iBook library, denoted at the bottom saying that it's only available in the US right now. I think it would not only be foolish, but rather quite stupid to not support Stanza, at least on iPads sold outside the US. It'd be foolish to alienate their customers who are satisfied with an app that was voted as the best free app available, wouldn't it?


i would like an answer to this as well

Stanza on iPAD

I saw the comment about most of the 140K app's being able to work "as-is" in the iPAD. I'll assume that either these app's run "big" and fill the screen, or in a "sub-window" and look small on the screen.

I was really curious if Lexcycle was working on a release that gives Stanza full screen size, at full resolution, on the iPAD?

Stanza on iPad

It was clearly said in the press release, that all programs that run on the iPhone, will run on the iPad as well, without any modification.

The question is, will we still need Stanza? As far as I can see, iPad's native iBooks program is a perfect copy of Stanza ...

Yes, we will still need it

Just because Apple has announced the iBook store doesn't mean that they will let you import your own books! In fact, they may not let you do that at all. I did read something about it being in ePub format, but with some sort of DRM to avoid copyright theft. If Apple does support ePub though, then there could be a potential problem for Stanza.

One of the great features of Stanza though is the ability to download books from sources like Gutenberg directly. Apple will almost certainly not allow that to happen.

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