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epub book and hyperlinks

On my iPhone I want to read and an epub book with thousand hyper-links. After clicking one of them how do I get back to the page I was reading? Is it possible?

trying to import epub book

I get the message java ioexception pushback buffer overflow. Does anyone have a solution this problem?

Normally means the book is

Normally means the book is DRM protected, so it cannot be handled by Stanza

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Re: epub book and hyperlinks

Yes, it is possible. So after traversing a link to another part of the book, you can go back by simply:
- tapping the middle third of the book to pull up the menus
- tapping the arrow head pointing to the left at the bottom left of the menus

Neelan, thanks!!

Neelan, thanks!!


Thanks for this great tip, Neelan!

Your book doesn't have back

Your book doesn't have back links? If it doesn't you'll have to bookmark each page before going off it.

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