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using recent OS Mac 10.6.2, on desktop. Can't open anything

Once I downloaded Stanza destop app and launched it, the first screen I see says "use file-> Open to see books"
Pull down "file" and click on "Open". Next see the finder window where I am to navigate to downloaded books. Don't know what to click in the finder to get to the next screen.

How do I get past this screen to a place where I can shop for or download books.

Thank You

can't open the files by double clicking

I used to be able to open a book in Stanza by clicking on the file, but now it is not possible, Stanza says the file doesn't exist. Though I can open it from the Stanza File menu. How come? Does it have to do with Snow Leopard? I'm running MacOS 10.6.2

The desktop version of Stanza

The desktop version of Stanza can only load books you already have locally on hard disk.

You would normally use a browser to navigate to a bookstore site and purchase/download books.

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