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fictionwise and kindle

I searched around and haven't found any topics on this... Like many received a Kindle for Christmas. Prior to this I use and still use, my Itouch Stanza App for books. I have installed Stanza Desktop and then I downloaded a book from Stanza Fictionwise, but it says "Stanza Desktop cannot read this eReader book. How can I share this book with my Kindle, too. Please say I can... I purchased it, I can unlock the code if needed. One FAQ says to open it up in the desktop and export it as a kindle and then USB it to my kindle. No, that don't work... Anyone have a work around. It is not like I am sharing it out..

Cheers to all

Error message if needed...

Once I download the book from Stanza/Fictionwise, and then try to open up it in Stanza Desktop. I get this message .
"Stan­za Desk­top can­not read this eRead­er book. How­ev­er, you can share this book with Stan­za iPhone/iPod Touch from Stan­za Desk­top."
I have been able to convert many books using the desktop but for some reason the item I purchased thru Stanza/fictionwise is blocking the book from opening.
Any ideas?

Ok, so its an eReader book

Ok, so its an eReader book with DRM.
Stanza Desktop cannot read eReader books with DRM-but can transfer eReader books with DRM to your iPhone or Touch.
Stanza iPhone/Touch can read eReader books with DRM, once you put in your name and credit card, right?
Kindle cannot read eReader books with DRM. They can only read the Multiformat books on Fictionwise (.MOBI I believe).

Have you visited the Mobilewise forums? There are several groups focusing on specific formats/readers, and..uh..getting some formats to other formats, and stuff.

site address

do you have a site address for the mobilewise forums?

sorry, mobileread forums!

sorry, mobileread forums! http://www.mobileread.com/forums/index.php

What format is the book in

What format is the book in that you bought?


Is there a way to convert this to another format? When I open it in Stanza it says I share it with my Itouch, but I want to share or transfer it to my Kindle. I have Calibre and it can't convert it, either.

If you want to convert it

If you want to convert it with Calibre you first have to get the DRM removed.

DRM removed

can you point me in the right direction for a DRM converter? Is it more complicated then it is worth to convert? It is only one book and it isn't like I can't repurchase it again. Not too happy about that, but if that is what it takes....
thanks for the guidance thusfar...

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