Creating chapters 'manually' - what solution will come from you?

Some text documents I try to convert to e-books totally ignore my "Chapter 1" or similar expressions and uses other abbreviations from whithin the text and make them as chapters instead. Question: Is there any solution in your pipe-line we can expect in the next Stanza Desktop-version? The preferred settings-solution: Is there a possibility of making a check box in the Stanza Desktop settings with a textfield to fill with an optional forced expression to look for when automatically analyzing and creating chapters? Then we users can make different expressions that wount interfear with the text itself. The code-solution: Is there a possibility that you to make a "Force insert chapter here. Pause automatic detection, just rely on the forced one"-code? E.g.: §§1: First Chapter would create chapter brake with title: 1: First Chapter The button-solution: Is there a possibility of making a button (and/or right-click menu) that creates a chapter break where the cursor is placed? We look forward to and are longing for a solution for our texts.

I use Sigil to add chapter

I use Sigil to add chapter breaks (using its insert chapter break and adding H tags to the Chapter headings)

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We hope to eventually support

We hope to eventually support customizable chapter detection. Until then, you might want to look into using Calibre (, which I believe does allow you to use a custom regex for chapter identification.

Calibre Xpath

The Calibre path support does this - many of the books I've converted I've dropped back into .txt files with no formatting at all. I open them in Sigil and save to epub format, then import to Calibre and use the xpath function in convert to choose < p > tags containing CHAPTER|PROLOGUE|EPILOGUE and it finds and makes the chapters for me. Sometimes this will make excess chapters, but those can be eliminated using the exclude function down further in the options.

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