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This page contains news, announcements, and press releases from Lexcycle Inc., as well as syndicated news from the electronic books industry from popular sites such as MobileRead and TeleRead. You can also stay current with what's happening at Lexcycle and connect with other Stanza fans through Twitter.

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The Big Money from Slate God Save the Kindle Daniel Stacey January 29, 2009 article
phonedog.com iPhone Apps: The ebook reader wars (part 3): Stanza Adriana Lee January 29, 2009 review
Wired Blog Network Indie E-Books Arrive on iPhone Charlie Sorrel January 13, 2009 blog
Lifehacker Featured iPhone Download: Stanza Turns Your iPhone into a Kindle Adam Pash January 2, 2009 blog
Wired Magazine 10 Most Awesome iPhone Apps of 2008 Brian X. Chen January 1, 2009 article
Have Mac, Will Blog One Million Users: Is Stanza Killing The Kindle? Robin Bloor January 1, 2009 blog
Business Week Move Over Kindle; E-Books Hit Cell Phones Olga Kharif December 30, 2008 article
AppScout Stanza: Turn your iPhone into an eBook Reader Alan Henry December 29, 2008 article
PC Magazine 21 Cool iPhone Apps Michael Muchmore December 24, 2008 article
The Book Oven Blog iPod/Stanza: A Christmas Tale Hugh December 24, 2008 blog
148Apps Stanza Perrin Stewart December 24, 2008 review
PC Magazine PCMAG.com Editors' Choice: Stanza (for iPhone) Michael Muchmore December 23, 2008 article
Neil Gorman’s: Text Edit Text Edit 002 Neil Gorman December 19, 2008 podcast
iPhoneFreak With Stanza, The iPhone Crashes The Kindle Party David Potts December 19, 2008 blog
Business Week E-Books Are on the Rise, But Slowly Stacey Higginbotham December 19, 2008 article
mediabistro GalleyCat Free Romance Books on the iPhone Jason Boog December 19, 2008 blog
Ars Technica's Infinite Loop Lexcycle and Random House team up for free iPhone e-books Chris Foresman December 11, 2008 blog
O'Reilly Tools of Change Publishing (TOC) Experimental O'Reilly Ebook iPhone Integration with Stanza Andrew Savikas November 25, 2008 blog
T4 Show: Tech Today... Tech Tomorrow Stanza Michael Manna November 18, 2008 video
Chicago Sun-Times AirShare, Stanza elevate iPhone Andy Ihnatko November 15, 2008 article / review
New York Times Tip of the Week: Turn Your iPhone Into an e-Book J. D. Biersdorfer November 12, 2008 article
The Apple Blog Stanza vs. Classics: Maybe I Can Save You $3 Tom Reestman November 11, 2008 blog
New York Times Seven Must-Have Offline Apps For Your iPhone/iPod Touch Sarah Perez October 29, 2008 article
Forbes In Pictures: Five Cutting-Edge Electronic Readers iPhone's Stanza Reader Scott D. Anthony and Nikhil Hutheesing October 23, 2008 article
Matthew Cook's Author Spot E-book Update: Stanza! Matthew Cook October 16, 2008 blog
Boston Globe Downloads transform iPhone into handy tool Hiawatha Bray October 9, 2008 article w/video
OUseful.Info, the blog… OpenLearn ebooks, for free, courtesy of OpenLearn RSS and Feedbooks… Tony Hirst October 9, 2008 blog / tutorial on uploading content to Stanza
Panlibus First Mass Adoption eBook Reader – iPhone? Richard Wallis October 7, 2008 article
Forbes IPhone Steals Lead Over Kindle Andy Greenberg and James Erik Abels October 2, 2008 article
Wired IPhone Stanza Downloads May Top Kindle Sales Chris Snyder October 2, 2008 blog
Wired iPhone Beats Kindle in E-Reader Popularity Contest Brian X. Chen October 2, 2008 blog
MacDailyNews Apple iPhone becomes #1 digital book reader; outsells Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader October 2, 2008 blog
iPhone Atlas Stanza Stands Out As The iPhone’s Best eBook Reader David Martin October 1, 2008 blog
mediabistro GalleyCat What Do 325,000 People Want To Read? Jason Boog September 29, 2008 blog
Steve Greenhalgh One man and his blog… Stanza - The Complete iPhone ebook Reader App. Steve Greenhalgh September 28, 2008 review
Startup Meme ‘Stanza’ a threat for Amazon’s ‘Kindle’?? Shoaib Hashmi September 20, 2008 blog
TeleRead Stanza 1.4 now available for downloading David Rothman September 19, 2008 blog
Venture Beat Should Amazon be worried about iPhone readers like Stanza? In a word, yes Anthony Ha September 19, 2008 article
iPod Reader Stanza - ereading evolved? Tormod September 17, 2008 blog
Headphonaught's Nanolog This Is Cool :: Stanza Thomas Mathie September 17, 2008 blog
Mike Cane 2008 Demo Of Stanza eBook Reader For iPhone Mike Cane September 12, 2008 blog
TeleRead Stanza 1.4 video—complete with display of DRMless Pan Mac ePub books David Rothman September 12, 2008 blog
TeleRead Stanza iPhone e-reader adds newspaper and magazine RSS feeds, high school reading list and other pub domains books David Rothman September 2, 2008 blog
WickedBlog And the Winner is… An eBook Reader for iPhone Angela Allen Parker September 2, 2008 blog
The Tech Diva IPhone Alternative To Kindle Erica August 30, 2008 blog
Writer's Diary Demon Bound by Mejean Brook Carolyn Jewel August 30, 2008 review
O'Reilly Tools of Change (TOC) for Publishing How To Read O'Reilly EPUB eBooks on your iPhone with Stanza Andrew Savikas August 28, 2008 blog
Tap Tap Boom Review: Stanza Jesse J. Anderson July 20, 2008 review
Apple Touch Free eBook Reader for the iPod Touch Dylan Bailey August 15, 2008 blog
Eclectica Stanza - the best iPhone/iPod Touch Application August 10, 2008 blog
Wired Magazine Free Software Turns the iPhone Into an E-Book Reader Charlie Sorrel August 8, 2008 blog
Time Top 11 iPhone Applications Jeremy Caplan July 2008 article
timlauer.org Stanza eBook Reader for the iPhone/iPod Touch Tim Lauer July 27, 2008 blog
The Huffington Post I've Seen The New Kindle (And It's An iPhone) Ron Galloway July 22, 2008 blog / article
The Small Wave Stanza: The iPhone Becomes a Great E-book Reader Tom July 20, 2008 blog
iphonealley Stanza Rated 5 Stars Zak Reiter July 16, 2008 review
iThinkEd New iPhone eBook App iThinkEd Staff July 16, 2008 blog
Project Gutenberg News Stanza eBook reader for the iPhone and iPod Touch Mike Cook July 14, 2008 blog
Soybits Los libros en el iPhone, II Alberto Cano July 14, 2008 blog (in Spanish)
Los Angeles Times Apple will open App Store in bid to boost iPhone sales Michelle Quinn July 10, 2008 article
tuaw iPhone App News Roundup Steven Sande July 8, 2008 blog
L33T G33K Stanza - The Best eBook Reader on the Mac June 30, 2008 blog
MacBreak Weekly MacBreak Weekly 95: Tokyo Subway discusses Stanza at 1:23:52 June 26, 2008 MP3 Internet Radio
TeleRead New ePub standard among many formats that Stanza e-reader offers for the Mac David Rothman June 8, 2008 blog
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