Pogue's iPhone Missing Manual Standalone iPhone App Built on Lexcycle's Stanza

Today, O'Reilly Media announced the availability of David Pogue's iPhone: The Missing Manual as a standalone application. The iPhone: The Missing Manual App is available from the App Store or iTunes at an introductory promotional rate of $4.99 (the list price for the app is $9.99.

iPhone: The Missing Manual Cover

We built the app on top of Stanza so Stanza users will find all of the usual navigation controls, customizations, and features related to reading that will feel very comfortable. Since this application is just a single book, there is no need for any and of the navigation and library features that you normally find in Stanza. The starting point of the iPhone: The Missing Manual was a DRM-free ePub file.

iPhone: The Missing Manual Sleep Switch Section

We're very excited about this app because it really does show off how good color images can look in Stanza. I think there are around 100 images in the iPhone: The Missing Manual and they look beautiful in Stanza. Also, users should check out the Image Viewer feature in Stanza. Just tap and hold on an image. When the border of the image turns yellow, let go and you will go into an image viewer where you can zoom in / zoom out as well as pan around to see more detail.

I think this is going to be quite popular simply because there is no manual for the iPhone that I am aware of. I think there is value for iPhone rookies as well as long time iPhone users. I've had iPhone: The Missing Manual on my phone for a month or two and have probably referenced it at least 5 times to look up different features. Also, to be able to get a book for $4.99 where the print price is $25 is a great deal.