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Harlequin Offers Free Love Stories for your Holiday iPhone / iPod Touch

For all of you romance fans out there, you can now try out reading on your iPhone or iPod Touch via Stanza. And best of all, its for free. We've teamed up with Harlequin to roll out a holiday promotion today to give away four short romance novels as a holiday gift to romance readers to read on their iPhones via Stanza.

The titles include the festive Wrapped and Ready as well as The Mistress’ Secret, Stroke of Midnight, and The Spy Who Loved Her. If you are looking for more great Harlequin romances, we've got more than 3000 additional Harlequin romances available for purchase through the Stanza Store or Stanza Mobile Store.

Harlequin Mini Book Covers Cover Flow

Romance is one of the few genres of physical books that are doing well in what has been a tough time for publishers and a tough time in the economy for a lot of people. Many people don't realize this but romance is the #1 genre of books overall with some eye popping statistics.

We are thrilled to work with Harlequin to get this out the door in time for the holidays. We anticipate that there are going to be a lot of iPhones and iPod Touch’s in stockings this holiday season. This is our way of saying ‘Happy Holidays’ to our existing fans as well as any new iPhone and iPod Touch users.

For those of you who have never used Stanza before, you may be asking how do I get started with Stanza. Check out our demo video to learn more.

Enjoy the titles. I suspect I have 1-2 more blogs in me before the holidays kick in but just in case, let me wish all a safe and joyous holiday season.